SWAG Emergency Grant Scheme

updated 12 November

We wish to thank all our Supporters and Volunteers for their commitment to SWAG during the emergency.
During this national emergency SWAG continues to work to the best of our abilities helping Sway residents, particularly the most vulnerable individuals and families, who are particularly at risk. Clearly our services have been significantly affected, in part due to the clear government directives regarding increasing restrictions on movement and the need for as many people as possible to self-isolate to protect both themselves and other members of the community. This has significantly impacted the number of volunteers that work on behalf of SWAG many of whom, either due to the age restrictions mandated by the Government or underlying medical conditions, are now self-isolating. Clearly our priority is to protect both our volunteers and clients and our good wishes go to all of them during this exceptional crisis.

During this emergency, our services have had to change and the following is a brief update on what we can do and unfortunately what we are currently unable to provide:

Lunch Club 
Lunch club is now cancelled for the foreseeable future in accordance with the regulations banning group gatherings. Our volunteers had hoped to provide a home meal delivery service but the current lack of basis cooking ingredients in supermarkets has made this impossible.

Medical Transport
We continue to provide medical transport but only for urgent cases. Please do not ask us to arrange routine trips for dental, opticians or other such non-essential appointments. Our volunteers are no longer permitted to enter hospitals to escort clients who have mobility issues – we can only provide a door to door service. In cases where support is needed the client will need to be accompanied by either a family member or carer. Should you require urgent medical transport please continue to call us on 01590 681 500 and select Option 1.

Prescription Collection
We have introduced a prescription collection service for those Sway residents who are unable to visit the local pharmacy due to self-isolation or mobility issues. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to always collect medication in a timely fashion and can only promise our best endeavours on a case by case basis.  Please arrange payment directly with the pharmacy for any items you need to pay for; our volunteers have been asked not to handle cash.  Should you need collection of prescription items please call us on 01590 681 500 and select Option 1.  

Emergency Grants
In the exceptional circumstances we are currently facing, the Trustees of SWAG have ring-fenced an emergency grant reserve to enable us to help those individuals and families within Sway who are in severe financial difficulty due to this emergency. To qualify, you must live in Sway. 

This scheme will  provide one-time help to those people, many of whom may be self-employed or have lost their jobs, and are experiencing a serious collapse in income as a result of the health emergency. This reserve will be used prudently by the Trustees  with applications being assessed as soon as they arrive but with the objective to provide help to the maximum number of applicants possible. The scheme may be terminated at any time by the trustees  if the available reserve is exhausted or new government initiatives are introduced. 

If you are currently suffering a severe financial crisis and feel that you may qualify please call us on 01590 681 500 and select Option 2, or email SWAG on: info@swaghants.org.uk.  You can complete the application online for immediate consideration.